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2 Most Common Plumbing Problems

2 Most Common Plumbing Problems

Posted on February 8, 2017 by oozle

There are few things more frustrating than plumbing problems. When the fixtures you rely on start to fail, it can create a lot of additional and unwanted stress in your life. Fortunately, when you call Las Vegas plumbing experts you’ll be given a fast and professional response, and your problem will be fixed in no time.

2 Common Problems & How to Fix Them

Though many problems require plumbing experts to fix, there are a few solutions to basic toilet-related problems that you can try to fix on your own. If these tips and tricks don’t provide the solution to your plumbing problem, call a professional to make the proper repairs.


The Toilet Won’t Flush

If the toilet won’t flush, the first thing you should do is check the tank, which is the tall part of the toilet located behind the bowl. In many cases, the problem is the result of the handle failing to lift the stopper properly. If the chain that lifts the stopper (the rubber plug that seals the drain) appears to be broken or damaged, you can find a cheap replacement at most home improvement stores.


My Toilet is Clogged.

This is a common problem, and one that’s often quite simple to fix. First, if water is overflowing from the bowl, turn off the water source using the supply valve (which is often located beneath or below the toilet.) After that, use a plunger over the bowl’s main drain—the suction the plunger creates is usually enough to release the clog. If the plunger doesn’t work, you can also try using a pipe snake.

If these solutions don’t work—or if you’d simple like to leave the troubleshooting to the professionals call ProServ Las Vegas at 702-358-0483 or visit us online!

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