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A/C Repair

Las Vegas Air Conditioning Repair

As temperatures rise you will want to turn your thermostat down and cool off. You rely on
your air conditioner to keep your family cool on scorching hot summer days. The last thing you need is for your cooling system to quit functioning properly or to fail completely.

6 Common Repair Signs

Lack of Cool Air
It’s official, your air conditioner has officially stopped doing its job. If there is little air coming out of the vents or the air is no longer cool, you may have a serious problem with your system. These can be signs that compressor has failed or is failing. It could also be a sign that your system’s coolant levels are too low. If this is the case you may have a repair to tackle.
Poor Air Flow
If you are noticing very little air flow or weak air flow your AC compressor may be
on its way out or you may even have a problem with the fan motor on your furnace. Are some of the rooms in your home getting cold air while some are not? This could be an issue associated with your air ducts being clogged by dirt and debris. If you suspect this is the case have your ducts cleaned as soon as possible to prevent health risk.
Thermostat Problems
The problem with your cooling system may not be the air unit itself and may only be the thermostat. One way to tell if the thermostat is the problem is if one part of your house is really cold while the other remains the same temperature.
Moisture, Leakage, or Ice Up
Any leakage, moisture, or ice around your air conditioning system or furnace could be a
sign of problems. There are a few different causes of leaks, and ice. One problem is not having enough airflow over your AC Coil causing the copper line set to freeze up and stop working. Another cause may be imbalance in your coolant levels. Sometimes the fix is a properly cleaned coil or condenser, or getting the right charge of coolant in your system.
Strange Sounds
Squealing, grating, rumbling, or grinding are all sounds that you don’t want coming from your air conditioning unit. These noises are implying that their is something wrong inside of your unit. Be sure to have your unit immediately checked after you begin to hear sounds in order to prevent a costly breakdown in the future or increased damage when it may be a simple fix to start.
Strange Odors
If you begin to smell a foul and pungent odor coming out of your air conditioning vents it
could be an indication that your A’s insulation wire has burned out or a musty smell could be an indication of mold caused by a dirty coil, duct-work, or too much moisture in the system.

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Joey is the Bomb! He was fantastic! Could not believe how he knew exactly what was wrong with my washer the minute he got there. Thank You!

- Cooper, R.

I am very impressed with how Don & his assistant, They cleaned up after themselves, and used precautions to avoid a mess or any damage to my home. Will always use & recommend ProServ Las Vegas!

- Lourenco, L.

Bruce was very knowledgeable and had the heart of a teacher. He diagnosed the problems, explained to us the possible solutions allowing us to make the choice of the best procedure and price. I will always request ProServ Las Vegas from my Warranty company for all of my Plumbing repair, A/C installation and Appliance repair needs. Excellent Service!

- Dadouh, S,

Larry was very good, on time, quick and very efficient, Thank you!

- Hunter, T

I own several homes, so value a company that can save me time and money when making plumbing repairs or upgrading my properties. Alessandro gave me a call as promised to let me know he was on the way, arrived on time, diagnosed our Heating unit and repaired it quickly. He also educated me on how to use the unit more efficiently and how to maintain the units on my properties. He did a great and clean job at a reasonable price, which led me to purchase a A/C & Heating tune-up service agreement for all of my properties. ProServ Las Vegas was great!

- Johanson, C.

I have used ProServ services 4 times this year for my water heater, my air conditioning, and for my dishwasher & microwave. I continue to use ProServ Las Vegas for my home repair & install needs not only because of how affordable and efficient the technicians Alex, Hector and Greg were; but also how friendly and prompt the office team was. I spoke to Kiara and Tima multiple times this year, and they were always friendly and very efficient on assigning me great technicians! I used ProServ Las Vegas and recommend them to all my family and friends.

- Hanh, N

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