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How to Unclog a Drain

Posted on September 5, 2016 by oozle

Do you hate how long it takes your bathroom sink to drain? Tired of standing in a foot of water every time you take a shower? If so, it’s probably time for some do-it-yourself plumbing work. Drano and other types of drain cleaner don’t always work, in those cases, you’re going to have to resort to some old fashioned manual plumbing.

Unclogging a drain is often a very simple process, but many people have never taken the time to learn how to do it. Knowing how to unclog a drain is one of the most useful skills a homeowner can have—and it’s a skill that can save you quite a lot of money.
A clogged pipe
h2 style=”text-align: center;”>3 Simple Fixes

Step 1: Remove the drain stop or plug (sometimes this will require a screwdriver and/or a pair of pliers), and then use a pair of tweezers to reach into the open drain and pull out any built-up solids. It’s gross, but removing all the hair and random gunk will be just the thing needed to get the water draining again.
a drain being unclogged
Step 2: If the first step doesn’t work, fill the sink or tub with two or so inches of water. After this, use a sink plunger to cover the drain and then gently press up and down. After a few pushes, you may well find the water beginning to drain normally again.
unclogging a sink with a toilet plunger
Step 3: Finally, if none of the above steps work, use a drain snake. By pushing the tool down into the drain, it should bend around the corner and clear out any stubborn remaining clogs.

snaking a drain
Of course, some types of clogs are harder to fix than others. If none of the above steps work or if you’d like to leave the plumbing to the professionals call the ProServ Las Vegas at (702) 358-0389 or contact us online!

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