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Tips to Avoid That Costly Winter Leak

Posted on December 19, 2016 by oozle

When winter rolls around, it can bring a series of new home projects and repairs, but one of the more costly fixes is a leak. It can be possible to prevent leaks if the right steps are taken. Let us help you avoid some future home damage with our list of five ways to avoid a costly leak this winter season.

1. Protect Your Pipes From Freezing

The best way to start is to avoid frozen pipes! Keep an eye on your water pressure during the winter months, as this can be the first sign you have a frozen pipe. If you notice restricted water flow or a significant change in water pressure, contact a professional plumber immediately!

Another good tip is to allow your faucets to drip when the temperatures drop. By allowing water to run through the pipes, even a small trickle, you can help prevent freezing. If possible, you’ll also want to keep your thermostat set to around the same temperature during the day and evening.

white pipe underneath a sink leaking

2. Fix Any Potential Leaks Now

The best way to avoid leaks is by preventing them or catching them early on. Check all interior and exterior faucets for drips or puddles. If you find a leaky faucet, use a wrench to tighten any loose joints, and cover any small holes with an adhesive putty. These are just temporary fixes, so your next step should be to contact ProServ immediately before it becomes a bigger problem.

plumber fixing water heater

3. Drain and Clean Your Water Heater

Living in Las Vegas, or anywhere with hard water, means sediment is building in your water heater tank. To keep your water heater in good shape, his sediment needs to be cleaned out! The sediment buildup can cause rust to form in your water heater, which then flows into your homes drinking, cooking, and bathing water. We recommend draining and cleaning out your water heater about once a year.

Is your water heater already rusted, old, or has stopped working altogether? Contact a plumber to have a new one installed to keep your home warm all winter.

4. Remove and Store Your Outdoor Hose

You don’t need to water your plants or grass this winter, disconnect your garden hoses and drain any pipes of water to prevent any possible damage. By leaving a garden hose connected to your home, you’re risking ice and pressure build-up in the water lines inside of your home.

If build-up occurs, a water line could potentially leak or break causing expensive and serious damage to your home.

When storing your hose, you’ll first want to completely unroll it and pick it up as you walk the full length of it. This will allow any remaining water to leak out. Gently loop the hose into a large circle that’s about three feet wide, and store it in a cool, dry place. This will help ensure your hose stays in good condition for spring!

outside faucet leaking

5. Close Any Interior Shut-off Valves Leading to Exterior Faucets

Locate the shut-off valves in your home to drain all the water from the pipes that lead to the hose bibs outside. These are commonly found near your water heater, meter, basements, crawlspaces, or under sinks. Depending on your home you may or may not be able to access these valves, in which case you should call a professional plumber.

If you do find yourself with a leak, call a plumbing professional right away! The longer you wait the more you risk further damage to your home. For emergency repairs contact ProServ Las Vegas ASAP!

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