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Plumbing Repairs That Don’t Require a Plumber

Posted on August 9, 2017 by oozle

We all know how frustrating it can be when a pipe leaks, a pipe bursts, or you have a clogged drain. No one wants to deal with these simple household problems, and you likely would rather fix them yourself. There are a few plumbing problems that are easy to fix. We’ll even tell you how to do it!

Clogged Drain

Clogged drains are a huge pain when they come up. There’s nothing worse than getting into your morning shower only to have your feet covered in soapy water within minutes. There are a few causes of clogged shower drains. If it is hair, which is the most common source, try these quick fixes:

  1. Pour boiling water down the drain and wait
  2. Use a store-bought drain unclogger (you can find liquid uncloggers here)
  3. Use a drain snake to pull or push the hair out
  4. Take the cover off and use a plunger
  5. Call a plumber – plumbers have the necessary tools to remove a clog and keep your pipes intact and running smoothly

Leaky Pipe

Leaky pipes are incredibly frustrating. So before you set up the buckets, try a few of these methods. However, these are only temporary fixes and you should still call a plumber for leaky pipes. A plumber will be able to fix your pipe, prevent future leaks, and prevent future expenses. Here’s a few steps to take to fix it for the time being:

  1. Turn off your water supply (this is found on the outside of your home or near your water heater and is a simple turn knob)
  2. Run the water to drain any excess in the pipe
  3. Clean it off and apply a sealant such as RectorSeal (allow to dry completely before moving on)
  4. Apply tape to the sides of the sealant (this will provide extra protection)
  5. Test the pipe by turning the water back on
  6. Call a plumber

Slow Flow or No Flow

Sometimes you won’t find a leak or a damaged pipe, but the water flow is significantly or entirely reduced. This can be caused by a few different things: water supply shutoff, grease or oil in the pipes, tree roots blocking the pipes, bellied pipes, and collapsed pipes. To remedy this issue you need to:

  1. Locate the source of the backup – this can be anywhere along the line of water flow, so check with your neighbors, check your own water supply valve, etc.
  2. Once you’ve figured it out, see if you can rectify it – clean the section of pipe, replace the section of pipe, or turn the water back on (Check out the blog next month to find a detailed explanation of how to do these tricks yourself)
  3. Call a plumber – unfortunately, this is not an issue that is easily rectified without the proper equipment or know-how, so check for a simple fix, and if the problem is from tree roots or bellied/collapsed pipes, call a plumber

Running Toilet

A running toilet is when your toilet water is constantly running, or cycling on and off without prompt. This is extremely frustrating as it’s a waste of water, and can be loud enough to keep you awake at night. This is usually a simple problem to fix. Try these tips:

  1. Shut the water supply off so you can figure out the issue
  2. Check the flapper – Take the lid off the tank, push down on the flapper when you hear the water running, and listen for it to stop
  3. Replace the flapper – you can learn how to do this here
  4. Call a plumber – plumbers are able to both replace the flapper, and dig deeper to see if there is a separate issue

Hopefully you don’t have to employ any of these tactics to fix your home plumbing. Unless you feel comfortable fixing things yourself, it is always better to call a plumber for any plumbing needs. It is also always better to keep up on regular plumbing and pipe maintenance rather than have to fix a huge problem later. Contact ProServ at 702-656-4500, or check us out here.

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