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North Las Vegas: More Than Just Sin City

Posted on January 15, 2018 by oozle

A view of the Las Vegas skyline with the text "North Las Vegas: More Than Just Sin City"

ProServ is located in North Las Vegas, and we love it here! We love the people, the events, and the local businesses. Though we are plumbing and air specialists, we also love to get out and enjoy our wonderful city on our days off. It’s no secret that Las Vegas has a lot going on at all times. People come from all over the world to see it, right?

At ProServ we believe there’s more to Las Vegas than our tourist attractions. Want to know what we do on the weekends? Check out this list of upcoming events!

North Las Vegas Alternative Events

North Las Vegas is full of exciting events. But what about the ones you’ve never heard of? Here is a short list of events that are different than the ones you’re used to, but you’ll be pleased to know about!

Gourmet Coffee Tasting

Got a taste for fancy coffee? So do we! If you think you’re a coffee connoisseur make sure you come out to the coffee tasting hosted by Owen Carver of Cafe Do Paraiso. Entry is free, but make sure you make a reservation soon!

A group of individuals sniffing and tasting different kinds of coffee in a modern white room.

Opera In the Movies

Start your February with a night of opera celebration. Come see this concert of opera performers bringing you renditions of your favorite movies such as Pretty Woman, The Fifth Element, and more! Visit Sin City Opera for more details.

A woman gazes upward in an opera theater.

Women’s Day Out Expo

Get ready for Spring with the Women’s Day Out Expo. Celebrate womanhood and camaraderie on March 24th at the Santa Fe Station Hotel & Casino. Bring your daughters, friends, mothers, and cousins and enjoy fashion, food, and lifestyle training on this day just to celebrate the ladies in your life!

The Las Vegas Women's Day Out Expo. A room filled with women visiting various booths.

International Food Fest

Everyone loves food, but how long has it been since you stepped outside your comfort zone and tried something exotic and entirely new? Roadrunner Pathfinder Club, a charity organization, is hosting this international food fest on February 24th – and you’re invited. Come celebrate international cultures and eat some delicious food along the way!

An international food festival. People sitting at an outdoor festival in the green grass.

Samurai Exhibition at the Bellagio

This amazing exhibit can only be found at the Bellagio for a few more weeks! Come see some amazing Samurai armor artifacts, and learn about this amazing culture! Check out ticket pricing here.

Artist's rendition of traditional Samurai armor.

NASCAR Races in February

Haven’t you ever wanted to see a bunch of NASCAR racers in your own home town? Check out the NASCAR races taking place March 2nd through March 4th. Take your children and watch their faces light up at being somewhere so amazing! Event info here.

The Motor Speedway in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Willing to Drive a Little?

Take a step outside of your home town and check out some cool activities that are just an hour or two drive away!

Grand Canyon

We know this seems incredibly obvious, but we also know that you tend to forget about the things that are close to you. Head on over to the Grand Canyon to really remind you how beautiful the world can be, and enjoy your time away from the big city!

Beautiful Grand Canyon view

 Mesquite Music Fest

Tired of the regular music fests like EDC? Check out this music festival in Mesquite to see your favorite Country Music Stars, and maybe stay the night for a change of pace from your normal routine!

Many people celebrating at an outdoor music festival.

Valley of Fire Hiking

If you love the outdoors, you should really check out this beautiful hike in between Vegas and Mesquite. Get a breath of fresh air, and make sure to go in the spring or fall, because it’s called the Valley of Fire for a reason!

An AllTrails image of the valley of Fire.

There is certainly a lot to do around here! We’re glad that we can take our days off to do such amazing things all around where we live here in North Las Vegas. Have we missed anything? What are your favorite things to do around here? Come back and visit our blog for future tips and tricks about plumbing in the area, DIY plumbing hacks, and fun blogs like this activity guide!

If you’re new to Las Vegas—whether you’re living, visiting, or staying in a rental home—and you find yourself in need of our plumbing or HVAC services, don’t hesitate to contact ProServ Las Vegas. Give us a call anytime at 702-656-4500!

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