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Does Water Quality Matter?

Posted on February 19, 2018 by oozle

water being poured
Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: It depends on what your needs are and how you use your water. There are a lot of factors that go into your need for better water, and many of them might surprise you. So to begin, what even is water quality?

Why You Should Check Your Water

Some water is called “hard” while some is called “soft” and it’s all dependent upon the minerals in your water. Essentially, if your water is high in mineral-content, then your water is hard and can occasionally be bad for your health. “Soft” water is when most of the minerals in the water have been removed from it. Soft water is better for your health, your clothing, your dishes, and more. For a comprehensive guide on hard vs. soft water, please check out The Benefits of Water Purification.

So what about Las Vegas’s water? Turns out, our water is very hard according to Las Vegas Valley Water District. What does that mean for you, though? Don’t panic!

It Means You Should Do Some Testing

There is a way you can test your personal water. By figuring out the exact mineral-content in your water, you can from there determine if you will need a water purifier or a water softener. Both are going to improve your water a great deal, though they each have different benefits. Here’s how you can test your water:

  1. Fill a clear water bottle with water from your tap.
  2. Put in a few drops of dish soap.
  3. Shake the bottle vigorously.
  4. Check for bubbles.

If the bottle has a lot of filmy, soapy bubbles, than your water is not too hard. If the water remained mostly clear of bubbles, and looks more cloudy than soapy, your water is pretty hard. Another way you can check is with a DIY hardness kit. You can purchase one of these off of Amazon, or from your local hardware store.

Now What?

If your city’s water report is recent, then it’s likely that you shouldn’t have to check your water hardness on your own. This means that most Vegas residents could benefit from a water softener or purifier. So the question is, which is better?

Purifier vs. Softener

Like we said, each of these has its benefits, though you’ll need to consider your home and personal needs before choosing which to purchase.

Water Purifier – the process of water purification is also called reverse osmosis. Essentially, water is pressure pushed through a semi-permeable osmosis membrane, during which contaminants and minerals are mostly removed. When you get a water purifier, you will have safe, chemical-free water. Here are a few benefits:

  • Great tasting water right from the tap.
  • Safe drinking water for your whole family.
  • More flavorful tea, coffee, juice, etc.
  • More cost-effective than bottles or jugs
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Removes unhealthy chemicals.

Water Softener – water softeners work in a different way than purifiers. Instead of filtering the water, a water softener adds small amounts of sodium (salt) to your water, and through ion exchange, the minerals are replaced with sodium. Before you worry that your water will now be salty, rest assured that sodium is not equivalent to salt. Here are the benefits of softened water:

  • Use less soap when washing dishes or clothing.
  • Soap lathers better when showering.
  • Hair is softer and shinier after washing.
  • Dishes are cleaner and don’t have spots.
  • Water tastes better.
  • Clothes are cleaner and last longer.
  • Pipes are protected from buildup that causes slow water flow or eventual repairs.

So which one do you need, and how can you figure it out? At this point it comes down to price and maintanence. A water purifier is something that needs to be changed every few months in order to continue working properly, while a softener needs salt replaced every few months as well. You can compare pricing here.

Looking for more information on water softeners and other home plumbing fixes?

Living in Vegas sure is fun, but we understand that our water sometimes isn’t the best, which is why we want to be here to install your new system anytime! Whatever you end up choosing, your next step will be to schedule the installation of your new product. ProServ Las Vegas not only installs, but supplies our customers with both water purifiers, and water softeners. We have years of experience, and can even consult with you to determine which of these two amazing products can improve your water. Contact us at 702-656-4500 for answers to questions, to schedule a consultation, or to schedule the installation of your new water system!

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