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How to Avoid Thanksgiving Plumbing Disasters

Posted on October 30, 2019 by oozle

Now is the time where families and friends gather together to celebrate the holidays with lots of food, quality time, and relaxation. However, Thanksgiving is one of the busiest times of the year for plumbers across the U.S. due to problems caused by inadequate plumbing and meal preparation.

Pipes can wear down, sinks can become clogged, and even garbage disposals can break. Don’t let this happen to you! Check out these simple tips on how to avoid plumbing disasters this Thanksgiving Day.

1. Wait 10 Minutes Between Showers

If you are hosting guests for an overnight stay, there’s no question that the bathroom will be used a significant amount. Suggest to your guests to wait at least 10 minutes in-between showers. Doing so allows any loose hair to pass through the pipes and eventually separate, helping you to avoid unwanted clogs.

To avoid this issue altogether, place a hair strainer tool in the shower to help catch loose hair before it can make its way down the drain. After the strainer gathers any waste that could potentially cause damage to your pipes, remove the hair from the strainer and throw it away in the trash. This will save you time, money, and trouble.

Dealing with a clogged pipe? Here are a few plumbing repairs that don’t require a plumber.

2. Use Your Garbage Disposal Wisely

During meal prep, you may be tempted to use your garbage disposal as a trash can out of convenience, but don’t do it! Instead, prepare your garbage disposal before running it by letting water flow down the drain for about a minute.

It’s also a good idea to keep water flowing whenever you use your disposal. This will help flush out any leftover grease. Here are a few other things to consider to make sure your garbage disposal runs smoothly.

What You Can and Can’t Put Down Your Disposal

No matter how sharp your blades are, though, know that popular holiday foods don’t belong in your disposal. These foods include:

Turkey skin
Coffee grounds
Egg shells
And more

As a general rule any fatty, starchy, and stringy foods have the potential to cause your disposal to stop working and clog up your sink. Throwing these foods directly in the trash instead of the sink can save you from the hassle of a broken garbage disposal. You also should take certain steps to keep the blades of your garbage disposal sharp.

How to Keep Your Garbage Disposal Blades Sharp

There are easy DIY ways to keep everything running smoothly. A popular method is to put ice cubes down your disposal and let it run with water flowing for a few seconds. Orange or lemon peels are another great way to break down grease and keep your disposal smelling fresh.

3. Keep Your Toilet Clean

As tempting as it may be to put baby wipes or other types of sanitary trash down the toilet, you can avoid a Thanksgiving plumbing disaster by just keeping your bathroom clean. Clean your toilet regularly to keep your bathroom smelling good. Cleaning regularly also gives you the opportunity to spot leaks or other problems quickly.

4. Call a Plumber Ahead of Time

The smartest thing you can do to avoid a plumbing disaster from happening during this time of year is to schedule an inspection ahead of time. A thorough inspection by one of ProServ’s plumbing experts can detect and prevent any problems, such as a clogged pipe or even any water heater problems before they occur.

Our hope is that by following these tips outlined above, your holiday will be stress-free without any disasters occurring. If you do need a plumber during the holidays, don’t try to fix it yourself. Instead, get the care you need by calling ProServ Las Vegas at 702-425-2025. Enjoy your holidays!

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