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Las Vegas Air Conditioning Repair

As temperatures rise you will want to turn your thermostat down and cool off. You rely on your air conditioner to keep your family cool on scorching hot summer days. The last thing you need is for your cooling system to quit functioning properly or to fail completely.

There are many causes of AC failure, a few of which we’ve listed below. You can watch out for these maintenance techniques, but it is always best to have a technician take a look at your Air Conditioner every few years. Doing this can prevent future problems, and provide you with a better experience overall. Hiring an experienced team of AC technicians will benefit you in the long run.

ProServ Las Vegas works extremely hard to ensure AC failure doesn’t happen to you and your home. We know how great service can really improve your summer, and so we go out of our way to keep you informed, clean up after ourselves, and treat you just like family.

6 Common Repair Signs

Lack of Cool Air: It could also be a sign that your system’s coolant levels are too low. If this is the case you may have a repair to tackle.
Poor Air Flow: If you are noticing very little air flow or weak air flow your AC compressor may be on its way out, or you may even have a problem with the fan motor on your furnace.
Thermostat Problems: Check to see if your thermostat is reading a cooler temperature than it is in your home.
Moisture, Leakage, or Ice Up: Any leakage, moisture, or ice around your air conditioning system or furnace could be a sign of problems.
Strange Sounds: Squealing, grating, rumbling, or grinding are all sounds that you don’t want coming from your air conditioning unit.
Strange Odors: If you begin to smell a foul and pungent odor coming out of your air conditioning vents it could be an indication that your AC’s insulation wire has burned out.

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What Las Vegas Residents Are Saying

I have been using proserv for years, always veery good results. I would like to commend the person that completed the work in my home. He was efficient, thoughtful, attentive , knowledgeable and professional. Please convey to him my appreciation for a job expertly done. I must also commend the lady that took my call. I was also most pleased very much with her professional and very nice, which is mostely appreciated now days.

- Mildred Sims

I want to thank Pro-Serv for the great customer experience. The ladies that make the appointments and answer the phone make you feel so welcome for working with you and your Plumbing needs. Kira, Tima and Leonandra are amazing. Say hi to them when you call. They are delightful and made my clients very happy with their assessment and pricing.

- jennifer belcastro

Marcus from Pro Serv was extremely friendly and explained all steps in the process. He did a great job with the installation and explained the warranty. We use Pro Serv for our Air Conditioning/Heating issues along with appliance and recently plumbing problems. No matter who they send we have gotten terrific service.

- Ed McCay