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Dishwasher Repair

At ProServ Las Vegas, we understand your need to have a dishwasher that is capable of cleaning all of your dirty dishes without fail. If yours breaks down or hasn’t been operating as well as it should, contact us for a diagnosis. Our trusted repair services will get your dishwasher up to working standard in no time!

male hands wearing plumber shirt repair a dishwasher up close

Signs Your Dishwasher Needs to Be Repaired

Most households run their dishwasher at least a few times a week. Due to the frequency of use, malfunctions aren’t unheard of, and can happen due to wear, misuse, or even poor manufacture! Here are several signs that you should look out for:

  • The water fails to drain, leaving water in the basin.
  • Water has leaked out onto the floor.
  • The dishwasher is louder than normal.

If you have noticed any of those situations or other such signs indicating that your dishwasher isn’t running properly, try inspecting the following components:

  • Water inlet valve
  • Wash arm
  • Lower pump housing
  • Drain pump
  • Drain impeller
  • Water pump belt
  • Circulation pump

When it comes to keeping your appliances operational, every component matters! After all, even the smallest part can lead to huge, problematic consequences if left uncared for.

Top Reasons for Dishwasher Malfunction

If water is left in the basin, you might start to smell a foul odor. The residue may be due to food that is clogging the drainage basket. The water is dirty, so the cleanliness of future dishwashing loads is compromised.

water leaks from a dishwasher angled view

If there is water on the floor due to leakage, chances are that it was the result of a stuck water inlet valve or a wash arm that is cracked and needs to be replaced. Leaks, whether they are small or big, should be taken seriously as they can result in water damage.

As for a noisy dishwasher, it can be really disruptive. Often, it is caused by a defective pump or loose motor. However, you can’t assume that all noises are the result of a malfunction. Pay attention to how your dishwasher sounds on a regular basis so that you’ll be able to notice and take action when it needs a repair!

Don’t Worry, ProServ Can Help You!

Don’t give up on your dishwasher―at least, not yet! Call ProServ Las Vegas at (702) 358-0486 today, and we’ll help get your dishwasher functioning properly again!

What Las Vegas Residents Are Saying

I have been using proserv for years, always veery good results. I would like to commend the person that completed the work in my home. He was efficient, thoughtful, attentive , knowledgeable and professional. Please convey to him my appreciation for a job expertly done. I must also commend the lady that took my call. I was also most pleased very much with her professional and very nice, which is mostely appreciated now days.

- Mildred Sims

I want to thank Pro-Serv for the great customer experience. The ladies that make the appointments and answer the phone make you feel so welcome for working with you and your Plumbing needs. Kira, Tima and Leonandra are amazing. Say hi to them when you call. They are delightful and made my clients very happy with their assessment and pricing.

- jennifer belcastro

Marcus from Pro Serv was extremely friendly and explained all steps in the process. He did a great job with the installation and explained the warranty. We use Pro Serv for our Air Conditioning/Heating issues along with appliance and recently plumbing problems. No matter who they send we have gotten terrific service.

- Ed McCay