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At ProServ Las Vegas we are equipped with the right tools and have the experience to repair most major brands of ovens. We have been repairing and maintaining ovens across North Las Vegas for many years and we can easily diagnose the problem with your oven and save you the huge expense of buying this critical appliance for your home. Contact us today to see if your oven is in need of ProServ’s trusted repair services!

Homeowner and oven repairman inspect oven.

Common Causes for Oven Repair

We use ovens so often that it’s not surprising that they can break down. They aren’t infallible, and they aren’t designed to last the same amount of time that your home does. Your oven is made up of these basic components:

Each of these components can require a repair within the lifetime of your oven. ProServ Las Vegas is equipped to repair all of them, but the most common repairs are:

Mother and son look into oven as they remove a dish with a oven mitten.

Common Signs Your Oven Requires a Repair

You won’t always be able to tell when your oven needs a quick (or not quick) repair. Sometimes it might just seem like your oven is taking a while to heat up, or it’s not as hot as it should be so you just turn up the dial. If you suspect your oven might be broken, check for these signs:

Before you call it quits on your oven, make sure you call the appliance professionals at ProServ Las Vegas to ensure you’re getting the most out of your oven. You don’t need to DIY either, as ProServ is happy to repair your oven quickly and at low cost. Don’t hesitate to call us at (702) 358-0486!

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