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What Every New Vegas Resident Should Know About Home Heating and Furnaces

Published on: November 26, 2019 By: oozle

Nestled in the Nevada desert, most people associate Las Vegas with high temperatures. The last thing on most new residents’ minds is a proper heating system. However, temperatures can drop to 40 degrees and below, so it’s important to know your heating options. Check out our guide to learn more!

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How to Avoid Thanksgiving Plumbing Disasters

Published on: October 30, 2019 By: oozle

Your plumbing may not be ready to take on the holidays. From all the guests that may use your bathroom to the amount of food that will make its way down your disposal, knowing what to do beforehand will help you avoid some common plumbing issues others experience after the holidays.

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2 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Plumber

Published on: September 4, 2019 By: oozle

As a homeowner, you want to make sure that the plumber you hire is someone you want to enter your home. You want to feel confident knowing that they know what they’re doing and that they’ll do a nice, clean job you won’t have to clean up after. Check out these two questions you should ask yourself before hiring a plumber.

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Top Tips for Buying a Foreclosed Home in Las Vegas

Published on: July 2, 2019 By: oozle

Real estate is expensive! Before purchasing your dream home, you should decide whether you want your home complete or if you’re willing to put in a little DIY work with a foreclosure. If you’re looking at foreclosed homes, make sure to follow these tips to help you get the best deal!

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How to Keep Your Air Conditioner Working All Summer Long

Published on: June 3, 2019 By: oozle

No one likes to be in a home without AC, and Las Vegas summers get HOT. Be prepared for the warmer weather by maintaining your air conditioning system. Here are some things you can do now to keep your AC running strong all season long.

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5 Must-Have Appliances for Vegas Foodies and Home Chefs

Published on: April 11, 2019 By: oozle

Las Vegas is one of the top 10 food cities in the United States. Our great, envy-worthy restaurants have helped cultivate a true local foodie culture. However, Sin City’s foodie scene goes beyond the strip and away from local restaurants—it’s right in our very own homes. Discover five must-have kitchen appliances for home chef foodies.

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Why Does Indoor Air Quality Matter in Las Vegas?

Published on: February 21, 2019 By: oozle

Do you spend all your time inside your Las Vegas home because you can’t stand the smog outside? If so, you’re probably not aware of how bad indoor air quality can be. Discover why you should be worried about indoor air quality and what you can do to improve it.

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Live in an Older Home? Do These 4 Plumbing Fixes

Published on: November 21, 2018 By: oozle

As your home ages, you’ll need to consider a variety of repairs and replacements. Make sure that you check to see if your home needs any of these four things worked on. Doing so will have a positive impact on the quality of life of each individual who resides in your house.

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4 Steps to Take When Your Dishwasher Won’t Clean Properly

Published on: October 30, 2018 By: oozle

Don’t put up with a dishwasher that won’t clean well. You deserve to eat off of the shiniest of platters! Keep reading to discover what you can do if your dishwasher stops cleaning with complete satisfaction.

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The Lake Mead Crisis: How Low Levels Impact Water Quality

Published on: September 12, 2018 By: oozle

Although it is known for being an oasis in Southern Nevada’s desert, Lake Mead is much more than a great place to kayak or go sport fishing. 25 million people depend on it for their water supply, making the lake a vital resource. When water levels are low, those in nearby Las Vegas are sure…

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