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Las Vegas Drain Cleaning

If your pipes are slow to drain, you should have them checked before they turn into a larger problem. Should they become completely clogged, it’s likely that they will cause a messy and smelly backup, and the pipe itself could be damaged.

We use state of the art technology, including video camera inspection, to locate the source of your clogged sewer drain. Then we employ the method that will work the best for your specific situation. This could include hydro-jetting which not only removes the clog, but cleans out the entire pipe. Once we’ve unclogged your drain with our sewer drain cleaning service, we’ll inspect your pipes for any damage that could create major headaches and bills in the future. If we do find any damage we can take care of the problem immediately and in an affordable manner.

Looking for the best drain cleaning services in Las Vegas? Contact ProServ Las Vegas at 702-656-4500 to get professional service from the experts.