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Pipe Repair Las Vegas

Do you know the age of pipes in your home? Have you considered replacing them? We rarely consider replacement until we are faced with a problem in the home, but by then it’s probably too late. Your home is flooded because an old pipe has corroded and now you have to worry about flood damage and mold.

Pipes in our homes are designed to last a long time, usually 30 years or more. Even if the pipes are still holding strong, the material of the piping such as lead and polybutylene pipes are not as safe as copper pipes and should be removed immediately.

Signs It’s Time To Replace Pipes

  • No matter how old your home is, you should have the piping inspected annually. If you decide to inspect exposed piping in your home yourself, here are a few things to keep an eye out for.
  • Locate exposed pipes in the basement, crawl space, and utility room. Look for signs of trouble such as tubing discoloration, stains, dimples, and flaking. All of these are indications of corrosion.
  • When you fill your bathtub or a glass with water, look at its color. If the water is brown or yellow, it’s a sign of decay inside the pipes. This is a sign that you need to consider replacement very soon. Pick up the phone and call us now!

Whether you need to have a pipe repaired or replaced in your home, ProServ Las Vegas is the best choice. Our team of local professionals will repair your pipes in no time! Contact the experts at 702-656-4500 or online.

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