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Las Vegas Plumbing

To make sure the plumbing units in your home are functioning properly, you should have your plumbing maintained once a year. The fluctuation of temperatures and everyday use can take its toll on any plumbing system. Even small plumbing issues can lead to significant damage. Events such as clogs can draw raw sewage back up the drain, while leaks can cause water damage and lead to mold growth. Rather than dealing with these issues in the future take preventative measures today to avoid future damage.


Our team of certified plumbers will check all of your home plumbing components. Here are just a few items that we routinely check while performing a service walk through in your home.

  • Water heater drainage and connection checks
  • Water heater burners and filters
  • Complete inspection of all hoses and pipes
  • All faucets for leaks
  • Inspection of all drainage pipes

For professional plumbing service and maintenance call ProServ Las Vegas at 702-656-4500 or visit us online.

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