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Las Vegas Water Heaters

At ProServ Las Vegas we install the best water heaters to ensure optimum comfort and efficiency. Our team will come to your home for a free consultation and capacity test. As your water heater system ages, it is bound to lose its efficiency or worse, stop working altogether. Let us help you plan routine maintenance schedule to keep your unit running efficiently and effectively. Our expert team can repair all makes and models of water heaters as well as replace water heaters.


Maintenance is critical factor for the long term success of your water heater. Without the proper care, it will not be able to provide the hot water needed for basic day-to-day activities in your home. It is important to have a water heater check up at least once per year to pinpoint and resolve problems while they are in the early stages. During a maintenance check we:

  1. Drain and clean the tank.
  2. Clean out build up sediment.
  3. Check all heating elements.
  4. Replace any necessary elements.


There will be several signs you notice when it is time to replace you water heater. The main indicators that it’s time for a replacement are age, rusty water, rumbling noises, and puddles of water near your water heater.

Keep your water hot for longer by scheduling routine maintenance with us. Ready to install a new system or need it repaired? Contact Proserv Las Vegas at 702-656-4500 or online.

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